On-Line Marketing

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  • 11 Profoundly Fast Ways To Fix A Website

    The following article was written by John Forde. He publishes the COPYWRITER’S ROUNDTABLE. This is a great newsletter with many very practical tips and always a great read. The simple techniques that follow are ones that especially apply to websites that feature a sales promo.

  • 11 Quick Steps to Gaining Credibility in Your FieldNEW

    Here are 11 quick steps that you can take to ensure that you are the recognized expert in your industry and thus resulting in converting more prospects into clients.

  • A Simple Way To Find Any File On Your Computer

    I always have a hard time when it comes to locating data on my computer. I spend ages going through directories or waiting for search results. It is my fault because I keep almost everything and I am not a great filer. To make matters worse, I often have multiple places where I could have filed the item I am looking for.

  • A Website That Works

    I am participating in a conference for successful entrepreneurs. My job is to deliver a presentation and then to work one on one with of the 20 business owners to help them develop a strategy to grow their businesses and become more successful. As part of my preparation, I spent time reviewing each company’s web site.

  • Are You Revealing Your Price Too Soon?

    A common mistake made by copywriters and advertisers is to start by making a big promise in your headline or at the beginning of your copy, and then follow with “for only $499.95!” Bringing up price is wrong at this point.

  • Become A Recognized Expert In Your Industry

    StreetSmart Marketers know that one of the best lead generators is the free publicity generated when you are perceived to be a recognized expert in your industry. It doesn’t matter what field of business you are in. It can be in carpet cleaning, auto repair, gardening or quantum physics. If your clients and the media perceive you to be an expert, they will seek you out for advice…

  • Did Anyone Get That Customer’s E-Mail Address?

    What is an e-mail address worth? How about a tenfold increase in lifetime customer value!

  • Do You Want To Improve The Effectiveness Of Your Web Site?

    When it comes to websites, most business owners make the mistake of confusing glitz with effectiveness. If your primary objective is to sell, then the single most important issue is text. Not graphics and definitely not fancy flash technology.

  • Google Desktop Search: Security Threat

    I introduced you to the Google Desk Top Search tool. I love it, it has changed my life, or at least the computer related part. However all is not as it appears. Wayne Clements from Business Solutions With Integrity Inc. sent me this article. You should know about this if you use the Google Desk Top Search.

  • How Newsletters Help You Stay In Touch

    Many business owners worry about how to stay in touch with a growing customer base. They know when you build relationships, you build sales, but worry about the cost of person to person contact. One of the most common responses is to start a newsletter.

  • How To Beat Spam Filters And Get Your E-mails Read

    Clayton Makepeace, America’s highest paid copywriter has a list of questions that you should ask yourself while writing your headline for an advertisement, direct mail, an email or web page

  • How To Double Or Triple The Response From Your Promotions

    Clayton Makepeace, America’s highest paid copywriter has a list of questions that you should ask yourself while writing your headline for an advertisement, direct mail, an email or web page

  • How To Get More Out Of Your Web Marketing

    Many of us build web sites in the hope that they will drive our business growth. Instead what happens, is that not very much happens!

  • Insider Secrets on Big Ticket Selling

    Subscribe to Graham MacGregor’s “The Big Ticket Selling Report” and receive strategies and techniques that produce remarkable big ticket sales ideas to rapidly increase your big ticket sales.

  • Podcasting: The New Marketing Powerhouse. Guest article by Blue Melnick of Virtual Tape DriveNEW

    Learn how to send out the right message in the right way to attrack the right type of prospects to your business with the cutting edge technology of podcasting

  • Quick Low Cost Method To Test The Effectiveness Of Your Headline

    Having an effective headline is critical to getting your message across to your target audience. If the headline doesn’t catch their attention and pique their interest, they will not read the rest of your information.

  • So You’ve Got a New Web Site; Does Your Customer Care?NEW

    The excitement of announcing a new website without telling people how it will help them can be like shooting yourself in the foot.

  • The 21 Deadliest Spam Filter Violations That Prevent Your email From Getting Through

    It is important to know that 40% to 70% of all e-mail, that includes legitimate ones, is getting blocked by spam filters before anyone has the opportunity to read it, according to a recent article in Time Magazine.

  • The Power of a Single Action Web Site

    Does your web site produce what you expect from it?

    In my experience most web sites, including one of mine, achieve very little, despite spending considerable sums of money on Search Engine Optimization, key words, etc.

  • To Blog Or Not To Blog

    According to Technorati, a blog-tracking search engine, there are now more than 55 million blogs. Should you blog? Read more to find out what blogs can do for your business.

  • Use E-Mail Marketing To Increase Your Bottom Line

    Kim Armstrong has a successful screen printing business. She focuses on large national firms that buy screen printing in big volumes. Her business has slowed considerably over the last 3 years and her biggest challenge has been getting targeted new prospects to see her.

  • What’s the Next Killer Application That’s Going to Revolutionise the Way We Do Business? NEW

    If we were all afraid to try new technology, then faxes, emails and cell phones would not be part of our businesses and lives. What’s next, read on…